149 Technologies - Context is Value

149 Technologies builds an all-new, smarter calendar platform. Our proprietary context engine combined with machine learning technology makes your calendar a bit more helpful every day - allowing to accomplish tasks faster and to easily access information relevant to your events, all in a single place.

Once an event is synchronized or added to 149 Live Calendar, natural language processing is applied to determine and connect related actions - such as direct call, maps and navigation, deep links, and more.

Taking this concept further, context data - such as the weather at time and location of an event - is used to identify what kind of additional information or services could be helpful before or during this specific event. Nine dimensions of context are leveraged to make sure relevant content or apps are always just one click away.

Our unique contextual information framework is powered by a continuously growing partner network of global, national, and regional Value Providers - reach out to us at info@149tech.com to learn how to be included!

149 Live Calendar is now available for Android and via our Facebook Messenger ChatBot, with more client platforms to be announced soon.


Dirk Doerre is 149 Technologies' founder and CEO. Before starting his new venture, Dirk was co-founder and CEO of O3SIS, a company providing data synchronization and messaging technology to many tier-1 mobile carriers. O3SIS was acquired by Gemalto in 2009, where Dirk held management positions until 2012.