Latest News

Google Tasks integration

May 25th, 2020

It is now possible to synchronize your Google Tasks with 149 Live Calendar. Google Tasks will appear in the ToDo list view as well as our other calendar views, and can be edited or marked as completed. Of course, you can also create new Google Tasks directly from our app.

Google Tasks are synchronized via your 149 Live Calendar account. In case you do not have one yet, you can create your free account via the main menu. Then, select "My account" from the menu, tap on the Google module, and connect your account.

Your personal calendar

April 5th, 2020

We have added many more customization options to 149 Live Calendar - including more reminder settings, launch view options, bottom navigation settings, snooze times, ... Head to the "Settings" menu of the app to discover these new features.

Also new: On all devices running Android 7+, 149 Live Calendar event reminders are now displayed as group notifications, meaning you can easily access all due event reminders from the Android status bar.

Dark Mode

September 23rd, 2019

The Pro Version of our latest release now includes the new Dark Mode preview. It provides a dark background version of most views of 149 Live Calendar, and we are launching this preview today to get your feedback before our final version arrives in the coming weeks.

We also improved sending birthday greetings and sharing our daily quotes, and included several other minor improvements and bug fixes!


June 8th, 2019

Our new "Insights" feature is available! Calendar insights let you better understand what is actually taking most of your time by analyzing the number of events or time planned for events in a given time frame!

Results can easily be grouped by calendar or category and are automatically compared with the previous time frame.


April 19th, 2019

Add up to three attachments to each of your events, birthdays, or ToDos as part of our new Pro Version! This feature is now supported for entries stored in 149 Live calendars, support for events in Google and Microsoft calendars will follow soon.

Our Pro Version also includes all features of the previously available Design Options. And: Users who already purchased our Design Options using an earlier version of 149 Live Calendar will be upgraded to the new Pro Version automatically.

New Detail Views

December 3rd, 2018

Our new event detail view shows all information and relevant actions for each event in a single view. It also makes it easier to dial phone numbers, invoke Web links, or open contacts in event title, location and notes, or to quickly manage your ToDo subtasks.

We have also extended our "Design Options" - these are available via an in-app purchase, and offer now more than 30 additional features for customizing color schemes, font sizes, layout, and content of calendar views.

Smarter categories and ToDos

August 12th, 2018

Categories let you group events, and make adding and searching for events and ToDos faster. This new version now includes 24 icons you can add to existing or new categories, and also lets you define properties and attached services for events of a category.

In addition, you can now define ToDos for repeating tasks such as watering plants or monthly payments - just add the respective recurrency option. Also new: Add a checklist of items or subtasks to a ToDo. This is practical for lists like shopping lists, or more complex ToDos which need multiple subtasks to be completed.

Microsoft Calendar

March 26th, 2018

Easily synchronize your existing Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Exchange Online events and birthdays with 149 Live Calendar - just use the "My account" menu option and connect your Microsoft account.

Directly connecting to 149 Live Calendar resolves the many known issues and limitations related to synchronizing Microsoft calendars via Android account management. Being a full two-way synchronization solution, it also replaces our existing desktop plug-in for MS Outlook.

Year View

January 7th, 2018

Your whole year at a glance: Welcome to our Year View!

Swipe left and right in the new view to change years, and see your busy days marked using color. Tapping any month of the year gets you directly to the respective month view.

mCLOUD Integration

June 22nd, 2017

Planning your next private or business trip will soon get easier: Supported by the BMVI mFund, 149 Technologies enriches 149 Live Calendar with mCLOUD travel and weather data.

With the new product, detailed information on train & rental stations as well as travel centers will be directly available within the user's calendar, the same applies for current weather alerts and historical climate data. See our press release for more information.

T-Online Calendar

April 6th, 2017

Good news for all users of Deutsche Telekom's T-Online calendar: Easily synchronize your existing T-Online events and birthdays with 149 Live Calendar - just use the "My account" menu option and connect your Telekom account.

Also new in 149 Live Calendar 2.0.5: We added a Google Places integration, allowing to search for nearby places or local businesses when editing events. Plus many other feature improvements and bug fixes.

Messenger ChatBot

Feb 8th, 2017

Our ChatBot lets you quickly access your calendar and find events or free spots while in Facebook Messenger - see our FAQ for a list of sample questions.

A conversation with the bot is started by just searching for 149 Technologies in Facebook Messenger. You will be prompted to link your 149 Live Calendar account in a next step, and are ready to go!

The 149 Live Calendar ChatBot for Messenger is available in English and German language as of now.

ToDo lists

Dec 5th, 2016

Many 149 Live Calendar users asked us to add a ToDo list feature, and finally here it is! Use the ToDo menu option to create and manage ToDos such as reminders and tasks.

ToDos are scheduled for a target date or time, but stay in your calendar as long as you mark them done. They are nicely integrated in all calendar views and Widgets, and organized in ToDo lists.

As with calendar events, ToDos are synchronized across all your devices. Plus: Add participants to any ToDo list to use them for your family or team!

New partner program

Sep 27th, 2016

149 Technologies extends the 149 Live Calendar platform with a new partner program, helping users to easily find and access relevant and useful information for each of their calendar events.

With the new program, user events can be connected to content from local and regional partners in the same way as to content and services from global brands such as Yelp, Foursquare or Uber.

The local & regional partner program is currently open for the German market, read our full press release here .