149 Technologies integrates mCLOUD data in 149 Live Calendar

Jun 22nd, 2017 | DE version

Planning your next private or business trip will soon get easier: Supported by the BMVI mFund, 149 Technologies enriches 149 Live Calendar with mCLOUD travel and weather data

149 Technologies today announces the start of a new project integrating mCLOUD data into 149 Live Calendar. 149 Live Calendar is an all-new, smarter calendar platform. The proprietary context engine combined with AI & machine learning technology at its core makes it more helpful for each user every day - allowing to accomplish tasks faster and to easily access information relevant to a user's events.

Via mCLOUD, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is providing mobility, geo, and weather data within its scope of activity free of charge and in standardized formats. mFUND is a BMVI funding program aimed to support RnD projects leveraging the commercial or non-commercial use of such data.

Integrating mCLOUD data in 149 Live Calendar enables new, innovative features for smart and personalized scheduling of calendar events and private or business travel. With the new product, detailed information on train & rental stations as well as travel centers will be directly available within the user's calendar, the same applies for current weather alerts and historical climate data.

"Scheduling meetings or private events requiring travel today often means spending significant time in many separate apps or Web portals" explains Dirk Dörre, founder and CEO of 149 Technologies. "Integrating mCLOUD data in 149 Live Calendar will help us to simplify the process of planning a trip, but also to support our users during their journey with helpful and relevant information."

"Leveraging the growing wealth of mobility, weather, and geo data in a smart way is one of the most important aspects of Mobility 4.0" says Dorothee Bär, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. "With the new mFUND, we are very happy to fund innovative Startup companies like 149 Technologies, which bring new ideas and solutions to this key field of digitalization."

A first version of 149 Live Calendar leveraging mCLOUD data will be available for an extensive user study starting Q4 this year. In 2018 the new product will be rolled out to all 149 Live Calendar users in Germany.